Day of Discernment

Saturday, December 14, 2019, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Would you like to enrich your personal practice of discernment? Are you part of a Local Discernment Committee that would like to expand your expertise? Are you discerning a call to holy orders? Whatever your motivation, this workshop provides rich tools, grounded in our Baptismal Covenant, to help frame your journey. The focus is on discernment for ministry in daily life – lay and ordained. This workshop is open to anyone; however, it is required for anyone interested in entering the ordination process. This workshop is also recommended for members of local discernment committees and any clergy working with someone in discernment.

Our day is divided into three parts:

What is Discernment? Individual practices: We look at the meaning of discernment and why it is a basic practice for Christians.  This will be an introduction to discernment tools and the outcomes of discernment. 

Discernment Practices for the Church – How to create a Culture of Discernment: We will look at congregational practices around nominations, leadership, and visioning and how to add discernment practices into the life of the church. The focus of this section is small groups and local discernment committees.

Discernment for Holy Orders – Understanding our new process in DioCal: This part looks specifically at the new ordination process in the diocese of California.  We have new guidelines, a new system of online application and forms, and we have a new School for Deacons. All of this will be laid out for those interested in our process. It is an overview rather than exhaustive but explains the scope of the process and specifics of beginning the process.

If you have any questions around vocations, please contact Whitney Wilson,

Cost: $25 (fee covers materials and lunch; scholarship assistance is available)

Contact: Amy Cook, for information on the workshop and to register.


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