Fifth Annual Honoré Farm and Mill Wheat Harvest

Saturday, August 24, 2019 (All day)
Harvesting wheat helps us explore the sacred interconnection between earth and altar

Every year, we hear from volunteers how fun and meaningful their experience is while learning to harvest, thresh, winnow, and mill wheat. As Christians interested in putting our faith into action, you’ll learn how important heirloom grains and local regenerative farming methods are to the health of the earth. If every altar in the county served communion bread or wafers made from a sustainable, heirloom source of wheat, the Episcopal Church would draw down 95 million pounds of co2 annually. And, maybe best of all, bread baked from this grain tastes like the bread of heaven. There’s also an awesome farm lunch afterwards!

Where: Truett Hurst Winery, Healdsburg

"I have been thoroughly blessed today! I learned so much about the process of growing wheat in an healthy-for-all-Creation way. This experience will stay with me deep within my heart.” 2018 harvest participant