Multi-Cultural Conversation Training in Woodland

Saturday, April 28, 2018, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Is your church/school/community changing, so rapidly you feel you can’t keep up? Is it difficult to have conversations in your community across the blue/red line or with newcomers and neighbors? Ms. Ana Hernandez, cultural conversationalist, will teach a workshop on Multi-Cultural Conversation training on Saturday, April 28 at St Luke’s, Woodland. The workshop will focus on active listening skills as well as how to engage in effective communications across cultural lines. This workshop is important for anyone working with congregations, communities, and schools and is essential for anyone interested in healing racism and reconciliation work. Ms. Ana Hernandez has years of work in the Episcopal Church as a workshop facilitator on cultural issues, church musical and advisor to churches and dioceses. This event is co-sponsored by Province VIII of the Episcopal Church, the Diocese of California, and the Diocese of Northern California.

WhereSt. Luke’s, 515 Second Street, Woodland
Cost: $20 (lunch included, scholarship is available)
Register: Online by clicking here
Deadline to register: Wednesday, April 25

the Rev. Eric Metoyer