166th Diocesan Convention

2015 Certified Election Results

2015 Certified Resolutions

Friday, October 16
Grace Cathedral | plaza and nave

Saturday, October 17
Grace Cathedral | Gresham Hall

                                                                                                   Agenda available here



Day of Convention Booklet (download in PDF)

This PDF document lists nominees, finance and budget, canon revisions/amendments, and resolutions to be voted on at the 166th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of California. These items, and additional information, are available online. Click on the following links or use the drop down menu under the Governance tab.

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2015 Convention Agenda

2015 Special Orders

2015 Nominee Positions

2015 Nominee Biographies

2015 Resolutions

Rules of Order

2015 Canon Revisions / Amendments

2015 Reports to Convention

Beginners Guide to Parliamentary Procedure

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2015 Finance and Proposed Budget


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