Immigration, Sanctuary, & ICE Raids: Resources

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Get involved with organizations' efforts

  • DioCal Migration and Immigration Task Force  — Represents DioCal in public comments to local, state, and federal governments
    • ContactThe Rev. Anna Lange-Soto, Chair, 650-245-7759
  • Faith in Action Bay Area — Advocacy, Accompaniment, Financial Assistance, Engagement Opportunities, Rapid Response
    • Contact: Lorena Melgarejo, Executive Director, 650-592-9181
  • Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity — Advocacy, Accompaniment, Financial Assistance, Engagement Opportunities
    • Contact: The Rev. Deborah Lee, Executive Director, 510-948-7899


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Resources for responding to the needs of undocumented persons and families in our communities

Created by the Rev. Davidson Bidwell-Waite, Deacon for Social Justice

In response to the federal government’s recent announcement of increased enforcement activities against undocumented residents of communities within our Diocese, we are providing resources to assist congregations and individuals in responding to their fear and anxiety.

Below are Rapid Response telephone numbers for all Bay Area counties. These Hotlines are designed to:

  1. Verify that an action by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) personal is taking place and to
    1. Stop rumors and calm fears if it is a false alarm,
    2. If it is a raid, to…
  2. Provide observers to help ensure compliance with the law, including Due Process
  3. Connect undocumented persons with online support who can help prevent them from being pressured into signing away their rights
  4. Alert Immigrant Support groups to:
    1. send legal assistance to the detention point to provide advice;
    2. contact social support to help with childcare; and
    3. secure release from Detention on bond, where feasible.

Ways to Get Involved:

Many Congregants are helping support people living in fear in their community by:

  1. Becoming a Rapid Responder for their Zip Code.
  2. Joining an Accompaniment Team to attend hearings for an asylum, temporary protective status or green card  application, or a bond hearing for release from detention, or appeal of a deportation order
  3. Helping families complete a Family Preparedness Plan in case:
    1. The parent is taken into custody en route to picking up their children from school,
    2. The primary income provider for the family is held in long-term detention,
    3. A single parent is injured or ill and unable to work,
    4. The parents are deported and decide to leave their children who are US Citizens behind.

Where To Refer Enquiries:

You can refer enquires for assistance to the following organizations:

CAUTION ALERT: The Unitarian Universalist Church on Franklin in San Francisco was recently visited by 2 women presenting themselves as undocumented and seeking assistance. They were accompanied by another woman taking video allegedly for a documentary. They were later revealed to be from Latina Women for Trump and were posting the videos on Facebook. The church offered information resources and referrals but became suspicious when the women asked for help for male relatives who had committed crimes. UU is providing support, but not a physical sanctuary for several transgender asylum seekers from Africa.

Know Your Rights Materials:

Below are “Know Your Rights” resources for the Workplace that can be provided to people seeking assistance. 

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS A Guide for California Employers (ILRC August 2017)

What To Do If Immigration Comes To Your Workplace  (NELP, NILC 2017)

Workplace Raids: Employer Rights and Responsibilities(Legal Aid at Work, Summer 2017)

Workplace Raids: Employer Rights and Responsibilities -Spanish (Legal Aid at Work, Summer 2017)

Workplace Raids: Employer Rights and Responsibilities Chinese (Legal Aid at Work, Summer 2017)

Know Your Rights: A Guide to Workplace Rights for Immigrants (Catholic Legal Immigration Network, available in English and Spanish)

National resources from the Episcopal Church's Office of Government Relations

Recent (May 2018) webinar on Episcopal Church work on immigration, sponsored by the Office of Government Relations / Episcopal Public Policy Network:

General resources:
Resources on the border:
Resources on Dreamers:
Resources on immigration detention:
Resources on Temporary Protected Status (TPS):