“Reclaiming Jesus” is supported by The Vivian Traylor/NO.CA Chapter of the Union of Black Episcopalians

Posted on June 5, 2018

On May 24, a multiracial group of present church leaders, including Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and elders of the Christian community presented, to a congregation of more than a thousand people gathered at National City Christian Church in Washington, D.C., the document “Reclaiming Jesus: A Confession of Faith in a Time of Crisis”. This is the first time since the 2016 election that a broad group of church leaders and elders came together in a unified voice to speak to the current climate of moral and political crisis. The document calls for the beginning of a process of breaking the silence by prayer, study, reflection, and action. The Union of Black Episcopalians supports this call to witness and action.

The declaration addresses six of the most pressing dangers to the Christian faith: the rise of racism and white nationalism; the mistreatment and abuse of women; the treatment of the poor and vulnerable including immigrants and refugees; the pervasive lying in political and civil life that has become normal; the virtual threats to democracy from growing autocratic behavior, and the xenophobic heresies of “America first”.

The Union of Black Episcopalians has for the last fifty years been committed to ending racism in church and society. We condemn the rise of racism and the divisions that are being created through white nationalism, xenophobia, misogyny, attack on immigrants, refugees, and the poor in our present society by this current administration and others.

We invite our brothers and sisters in all churches in the Diocese of California to join with us in using the resources provided to lead our congregation in bible study, discussion groups, and planned actions. The resources for this community effort can be located at reclaimingjesus.org. It includes an outline for bible study and a civil discourse curriculum. Please join us in this call to action by the church. For more information, contact The Rev. Kwasi A. Thornell, ktimani3@gmail.com, or the Rev. Mauricio Wilson, rector@stpaulsoakland.org, co-chairs of the Vivian Traylor/NO.CA chapter of the Union of Black Episcopalians.