167th Convention in summary

Posted on October 25, 2016

Last weekend, the 167th Convention of the Diocese of California was held at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco. The diocese was honored to be joined by the Bishop of Cuba, the Right Reverend Griselda Delgado del Carpio. She and Bishop Marc Andrus presided at the opening Eucharist where they were joined by Latinx ministries and youth from around the diocese.


The next day when called to order, the 167th Convention passed all six resolutions on the agenda. By passing these resolutions, the diocese has encouraged all Episcopalians in California to vote for Proposition 62, Proposition 63, and for House Resolution 3226 in the upcoming election this November to repeal the death penalty, reduce gun violence, and have greater transparency in the business supply chain to reduce human trafficking, respectively. The Secretary of Convention will inform the state and federal legislators of the diocese of the passing of Resolution 3, Reducing Gun Violence.


The diocese also renewed its request made in the 165th Convention regarding the repeal of AB 2844 that threatens the right to free speech and boycott in passing Resolution 4. Additionally, it was resolved that the diocese find ways to support the Diocese of Jerusalem through fundraising, study, and potential congregational pilgrimages. The last planned resolution concluded that as all incandescent and CFL lightbulbs go out in churches and other buildings of the diocese, they be replaced with LED or other equivalently low energy use bulbs.

A seventh resolution was accepted from the floor of convention and also passed. This resolution states the diocese’s solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux and other Native Americans who are protecting their sacred land and access to clean water in North Dakota in protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline. To do so, the diocese encourages all bodies of the diocese to financially support the efforts of the protestors, learn about the history of injustice that Native Americans have faced at the hands of the United States Government, and consider a pilgrimage to Cannon Ball, North Dakota. You can see the full list of certified resolutions here.

To break up the time of work, convention received a special message from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, congratulating Bishop Marc on his 10th anniversary of serving the Diocese of California as Bishop. Flowers were given to Marc and his wife, Sheila.


The 167th Convention also brought a number of elections to the floor. Elected to the Standing Committee were +Michael Arase-Barham (Class of 2020), Dorothy Randall-Tsuruta (Class of 2020), +Jill Honodel (Class of 2019), and +Leonard Oakes (Class of 2017). Elected to the Executive Council were Susan MacKenzie (Class of 2019), Lane Ringlee (Class of 2019), and Charles Mader (Class of 2017). Both David A. Frangquist and Robert McCaskill have been reelected to their positions as Secretary of the Convention and Treasurer of the Diocese, respectively. The diocese also prepared for the 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church by electing deputies to represent the Diocese of California in 2018. The Class of 2019 General Convention Deputies are +Eric Metoyer, +Vanessa Stickler Glass, +Merry Chan Ong, +Hailey McKeefry Delmas, Warren Wong, Sarah Lawton, Christopher Hayes, and Carolyn Gaines. Four alternates in each order were also elected in the event that one or more of the elected deputies cannot attend. You can review the full list of certified election results here.

To conclude a busy convention weekend, everyone at convention celebrated the birthdays of Bishop Marc and the Rev. Joseph Peters-Mathews, who both had birthdays on or near the time of convention.