Being the Church in the New Normal: St. Timothy's, Danville taking action

Posted on March 31, 2020. Updated on March 31, 2020
Vestry calls

First, our vestry has called, emailed and followed up with every family in our current address book. This has resulted in vestry leader and parishioners making surprising connections. Many do not need anything at the moment, but they know that they have a whole community ready to help if they end of needing help. Some have asked for help, and we have connected them to a small group of helpers (see next paragraph). None of these phone calls were made by clergy. However, vestry members relied on clergy to make calls when follow up spiritual support was needed.

At-risk helpers

Four families with junior high and high school aged youth have stepped up to help at-risk parishioners. These families are engaging those who need basic help in order to remain in their homes safely. Help has included them buying groceries for at-risk individuals and dropping the items on the front porch. Help has involved picking up prescriptions at the pharmacy and delivering the items to the house. Help is evolving into creating local and regional networks. For example, the vestry made contact with a parishioner, who was concerned about a friend living 150 miles away. Through a series of conversations, the at-risk helpers were able to deploy local help. An Episcopalian 150 miles from St. Timothy's is delivering prescriptions to this distant friend.