From Bishop Marc: Retirement announcement for Tom Ferguson

Posted on June 30, 2020. Updated on June 23, 2020

Plus a note of thanks to the diocese, from Tom

Dear Friends in Christ, 

It is with appreciation of and respect for him that I announce to the diocese that our Chief Financial Officer, Tom Ferguson, is retiring after eight and a half years of dedicated service to the diocese. Tom will begin retirement at the end of August. Tom has worked diligently and closely with our diocesan Finance Committee and our Program and Budget Committee and has played a integral role in our monthly Executive Council meetings. Each year Tom oversees our comprehensive audit of the diocesan offices. Tom heads a strong finance department, working closely with Ms. Sarah Crawford and Ms. Joann Aicardi. In particular, Tom has worked closely with both our former diocesan Treasurer, Mr. Bob McCaskill, and our current Treasurer, Mr. Brad Barber. I’m sure that both Bob and Brad join me in thanking Tom for his service. 
Tom is a person for whom faith is an underlying support for life. His central mode is the life of the mind, and so his faith is filtered through the intellect. A recent example of that was in our Monday Senior Staff meeting. It was Tom’s turn to open our meeting in prayer. I joined our staff Zoom about half an hour in, as I was attending Bishop Curry’s Zoom for bishops and canons to the ordinary on all things Covid-19. As we were ending our staff meeting, Tom addressed me and said that his opening prayer was an invocation of the Holy Spirit, and that he had saved another such invocation for the end. He then carefully and with feeling declaimed from memory the first twenty-five lines of Milton’s Paradise Lost.
Tom, as you know, the Holy Spirit goes before us and behind us in all our endeavors. May you and Cherielyn feel the comforting presence of the divine Spirit accompanying you in the life that stretches before you. You go with our thanks. 


 Dear +Marc,
I write to confirm my retirement from the Diocese of California effective August 31, as you and I have been discussing for several months.  It’s been a tremendous honor and pleasure to participate in the admirable work of the Diocese and its many congregations and ministries.  
On a personal level, I have deeply enjoyed partnering with you, our DioHouse colleagues, and the outstanding priests and lay people of the Diocese who are doing so much to make a more loving and just society in the Bay Area and the larger world.
Thank you for the opportunity of these past eight plus years, and best wishes for a flourishing future for the Diocese and its members.