Haiti Pilgrimage 2016: a student reflection

Posted on April 9, 2016

A reflection from Emma Heaton, high school student from Trinity, Menlo Park

God has been a huge part of this trip, from flying over Haiti to the beach in Cap-Haitian. While we were flying over Haiti, I noticed how beautiful the land was and that it was nothing like what it looked like from what you hear in the news. Before we landed, I saw that Port-au Prince was jam-packed. 

Once we were in the city, it was even more chaotic. I definitely saw God in how everyone in the city worked together to get places in their vehicles. Everyone wanted to get where they were going, and everyone was being, more or less, kind to each other about it. Nobody wanted to get into a crash with anybody else, and everyone did what they needed to do to avoid that. 

On the bus ride from Port-au Prince to Cap-Haitian, the bus driver definitely had God on his side. Our bus was swerving to avoid bumps, honking at people who were getting too close, and quickly passing cars or trucks who were going too slow. During the bus ride, we drove through a small village where there was a market. The market was so packed that there seemed to be no where to step. I saw God in this market because he created the fruits, literally, of this earth for us all to use and the people in the market were using the fruits of the earth for their well-being. 

Photo by the Rev. Davidson Bidwell-Waite

On the beach in Cap-Haitian, I looked out at the horizon, enjoyed a sip of my soda, and thought about how God has created this wide expanse of beauty. One thing I will take away from this trip is that everything God has created, including mosquitos, is beautiful in some way.