Healing, hugs, and the Holy Spirit: Reliving 2019 SF Pride Parade

Posted on June 30, 2020. Updated on June 30, 2020

Dear fellow members of the Diocese of California:

A final Happy Pride as we close out the month. 

This year’s Pride is different, because, this June, the global movement for racial justice has appropriately taken precedence in our collective hearts and minds. 

Also — while we’ve had numerous expressions of Pride throughout the diocese, shelter-in-place restrictions have precluded our annual march.

So,  as we bid goodbye to Pride 2020, I thought to share some photos from the last time we marched as a diocese, to help us imagine the time that we’ll gather together again.


Stephanie Martin-Taylor provided some exquisite signs identifying support from the Diocese of California. Members and clergy from numerous DioCal congregations marched along with Jews, Mormons, Muslims and Methodists — a true interfaith ministry under the banner United in Spirit — proclaiming God’s love and acceptance for everyone. 


I absolutely felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, not only in the joy of the marchers, but in the tears of some on-lookers, who came from the sidelines into the march stream in order to receive hugs. It was easy to imagine that many of them had not been wholly embraced in their religious communities growing up, and I was and am deeply grateful for all the difficult work our Episcopal Church has done these last decades to come to embrace LGBTQIA+ people as equal, able to marry, able to serve as clergy. 

Until next year, Happy Pride, everyone! 

Tandy Solomon, Grace Cathedral parishioner