Regathering Update 10/29

Posted on November 13, 2020

As many of you learned in yesterday’s clergy webinar, Bishop Marc is allowing our churches to resume indoor worship beginning Sunday, November 8.  

Please note that, before resuming indoor worship, you must have first: 

  • Submitted your indoor regathering plans* to the diocese  
  • Received diocesan approval for indoor regathering  
  • Spoken with a member the COVID-19 Task Force about your indoor regathering plans 

*Even if you have been approved for outdoor worship, you will need to ensure that the diocese has also received and approved your indoor plans before going forward. 

We are pleased that all six Bay Area counties in which we operate have deemed it safe enough to resume indoor worship. Still, we want to emphasize that science shows that outdoor gatherings are a much safer option. If outdoor services are feasible for your congregation, we encourage you to try that option first. As you move toward indoor gathering, we recommend proceeding as slowly and cautiously as possible. Practice your protocols in small groups first before increasing your capacity. 

Also please keep in mind that: 

  • It’s your responsibility to follow county public health guidelines. 
  • Communion, in the way we practiced it prior to COVID-19, is still not permitted.
  • Individual, pre-sanctified packets or containers of bread and wine may be used, provided that proper social distancing is maintained as the elements are distributed. 
  • If COVID-19 cases increase significantly in your county, previous restrictions on in-person gatherings may be reinstated. Please prepare your congregations for this possibility. 
  • If someone in your congregation contract the virus, please be prepared to restrict operations. 

Thank you again for your prayerful and creative work to shepherd our Beloved Community through this time of pandemic