The Rev. Eric Metoyer, DioCal’s Director of Mission Development, called as rector of St. Francis, San Francisco

Posted on June 30, 2020. Updated on June 30, 2020

A message from Bishop Marc:

Dear friends in Christ,
When Canon Michael Barlowe brought the newly-ordained Eric Metoyer onto diocesan staff, it was a move for Eric that I think neither he nor I had anticipated during the years of his discernment and the ordination process in our diocese, though I was fully supportive of Canon Michael’s call to Eric. What a remarkable gift Eric’s ministry at the diocesan level has been! He has often summarized his role as the diocesan staff person who is our “411 and 911” responder. Eric has certainly worked in both areas of responding to the needs of the diocese — providing information and helping people in urgent situations in our congregations and diocesan institutions. However; in truth, Eric’s contributions are far more substantive and important than even those two important areas of ministry. 
Eric has been the central person for the Diocese of California in the area of guiding and informing us about racism and how to transform our understanding and practices around race and racial reconciliation. Eric has led us, with great lay and clergy volunteers, in engaging racism in a comprehensive way that recognizes the enormous diversity of those who call the San Francisco Bay Area home. Our recognized diversity includes not only racial diversity, but also gender, and the LGBTQ community. Formation and training in transforming unjust and systemic racism and bias is at this moment understood to be of incalculable value. I’m grateful to Eric for more than ably leading our work in this essential area of life in the Beloved Community. 
It is a relief to me that Eric is not leaving us wholly, but is going to be the rector of one of our own congregations. I know Eric will be a blessing to St. Francis, San Francisco, and they will equally bless him. I recommend he and they make some regular visits together to the Bufano statue of St. Francis within walking distance of the parish, on the grounds of San Francisco State. There they will see the Tau-cross shaped body of the saint, arms stretched out in welcome and supportive embrace to all. In mosaic on the body of the saint are portraits of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Bobby Kennedy, witnesses to justice and peace in America. May Bufano’s vision of St. Francis as a follower of Christ who brings peace through justice inspire this fine congregation and great priest. 

From Rev. Eric:

I am grateful for the opportunity Bishop Marc offered me to serve the people of the Diocese of California these eight years. I’m thankful for the support of Canon Abbott and my diocesan staff colleagues in our work of nurturing the Beloved Community in the Bay Area. Dr. Thurman wrote: "Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.’" Let us come alive with the Holy Spirit and continue building the Beloved Community.



From Canon Abbott:

The breadth and depth of Eric’s knowledge, historic memory, and love of not only the Diocese of California, but also of the wider Episcopal Church is breathtaking and has been absolutely invaluable. His passion for mission, justice, and church governance is a potent convergence for leadership in parish ministry, and we are excited for him and for St. Francis, even as we will greatly miss him, his profound teaching and skill, and of course, the donuts, here on the Bishop’s staff. I am grateful for the time we have had to work together, and look forward to continuing to do so, albeit differently, as we engage in ministry on behalf of God’s beloved community. 



From St. Francis, San Francisco:

Greetings from the Senior Warden.

It is my great pleasure to announce we have called our next Rector for St. Francis - The Rev. Eric Metoyer.  Fr. Eric brings rich and diverse qualifications from his experience at several Bay Area parishes and his positions at the Diocese of California.  

Fr Eric hails from New England, raised in northeastern Vermont and southern New Hampshire. He finished school at Lyndon Institute in Vermont and is a graduate of Williams College, Massachusetts, and Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley. He relocated to San Francisco following the ’89 earthquake for marriage and work. He was employed in corporate treasury positions for many years before discerning his call to priesthood. Fr Eric serves on several non-profit and educational boards, enjoys spending time with his family, reading histories, and riding passenger trains around the country. He also holds football season tickets to the University of California, sitting on the shady side of Memorial Stadium. 

Fr. Eric writes: ‘I am overjoyed at the call to be your rector of St Francis’ Church. I look forward to meeting everyone in every format; by telephone, by web conference, and in person, God Willing. I am grateful to the Search Committee for their hard work, pivoting their schedule from in person meetings to zoom conference calls. I am deeply grateful to the wardens, Maryla and Ed, and the Vestry, for their patience organizing the several more zoom conference calls we had, the walk around the church, discerning the work of the Holy Spirit over the static of the internet. There is a Sweet, Sweet, Spirit in this place, may our blessed, holy work continue together. Thanks be to God!’ 

Please welcome Fr. Eric with a warm St. Francis welcome — he will be joining us on August 15.  


Maryla Salt
Sr. Warden