Sean Swift to Retire after 31 Years at The Bishop’s Ranch

Posted on October 6, 2020. Updated on October 6, 2020


Whereas, Mr. Sean Swift has faithfully served the Diocese of California as the Executive Director of The Bishop’s Ranch, stewarding this beloved ministry with steady leadership, inspired vision, and steadfast commitment to providing spiritual nourishment for people of all walks of life; and 

Whereas, Sean’s work at this special place has helped so very many of us refresh our connection with God, with ourselves, and with those we love; and 

Whereas, because of Sean’s deep understanding that place matters, hospitality matters, and access to God’s creation in nature matters; and 

Whereas, the tools of Sean’s trade involved a vast array of study (he knows the name of every native plant and the names of almost all the thousands of guests); and  

Whereas, those tools included the art of careful listening — to wind and warbles, frog symphonies, humans with broken hearts and big dreams — and less glamorous tools — toilet plungers, socket wrenches, calculators, telephones, and a lot of work; and  

Whereas, he pulled weeds, mended clogged sinks, offered band-aids to children with skinned knees; and 

Whereas, he met with donors and offered a chance for the most socially responsible investment anyone could ever make: in the Ranch and its programs and camps for children; and 

Whereas, Sean has decided to retire from his work at The Bishop’s Ranch, where, for more than thirty years, we have all enjoyed the splendid fruits of his labors; therefore,

I Proclaim, here at the end of the Season of Creation, in the Green Time of the Church, that October 6, 2020 is Sean Swift Day in the Diocese of California, and that I, on behalf of many thousands of grateful people – adults, children, and young people – and a great host of the creatures with whom we share this Earth, our island home, offer my congratulations to Sean, and the assurance of my prayers for his and his family’s future. 

Given under my hand and seal on the Sixth Day of October, 2020 in San Francisco.