St. Dorothy's Rest: Thank you, Transfiguration men's group

Posted on February 6, 2018

St. Dorothy’s Rest would like to thank the Transfiguration San Mateo men’s group, who stayed at St. Dorothy’s Rest in January for their annual retreat and did great work up on the land of “St. Dorothy’s West". It has been the Transfiguration men’s group's tradition for the past six-plus years to spend some of their time together doing service projects at St. Dorothy’s.

This year they spent a Saturday morning at what will eventually be the group campsite on St. Dorothy’s land. They cleared and chipped wood, cut down dead or dying trees, flattened paths, and more to help get St. Dorothy’s ready to host groups in their woods. 

If you would like to go on retreat at St. Dorothy’s Rest and spend part of your time there volunteering to get the campsites ready and to increase the health of their redwood forest please contact St. Dorothy’s office at 707-874-3319 or