St. Dorothy's Rest Update

Posted on October 17, 2017
So many have reached out during this difficult time in Northern California. St. Dorothy’s Rest was able to provide housing and meals for a few evacuees (including a cat) beginning last Monday until Thursday when they were able to return to their homes. An additional 15 people contacted St. Dorothy’s Rest and we were prepared to house them however they were not evacuated or found alternative arrangements. 
We are grateful for your thoughts and prayers, and thankfully, St. Dorothy’s Rest has remained out of danger from the ravaging fires. This is a blessing for many reasons. Most importantly, it allows St. Dorothy's to serve our community in desperate need of help. We are currently housing and providing meals for over thirty AmeriCorpsCaliforniaVolunteers, and AmeriCorps NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps) and FEMA NCCC members. These heroes will assist in the difficult work of clean-up and rebuilding in communities affected by the fires. 
I have just been notified that Carl Higbie Chief of External Affairs for the Corporation of National Service from Washington DC will be joining us for dinner at St Dorothy’s Rest on Wednesday evening. He will meet with representatives from St. Dorothy’s Rest, FEMA Corps, NCCC, and other disaster relief AmeriCorps members who have been deployed in the last week to support disaster relief efforts.

The costs for St. Dorothy’s of providing AmeriCorps housing and meals and ensuring them a comfortable home to return to each day are significant (about $100/day for each member). St. Dorothy’s Rest will not be receiving any government funding to cover the costs associated with housing and feeding disaster relief responders.  We hope you will support their longterm stay by making a donation to St. Dorothy’s Rest here: