St. Mark's, Palo Alto blesses new solar panel array

Posted on September 17, 2019. Updated on September 17, 2019

St. Mark's, Palo Alto welcomed a solar panel array to their Parish Hall rooftop with a blessing by the Rev. Matt McDermott, rector, and the Rev. Lindy Bunch, associate rector, on Sunday, September 8, at the Community Faire.

The congregation processed out of the 10 a.m. service to the parking lot to the tunes of "When the Saints Go Marching OUT" and "You Are My Sunshine" played by a 17-member jazz band that provided entertainment at the Faire. St . Mark's children led the procession, carrying sun-topped wands that they had made in class that morning.

The 60 panel, 20.7 kilowatt system is expected to generate enough electricity to meet all of the campus needs (plus some extra and save $4,000/year). The payback period is expected to be 12-15 years. Cobalt Power Systems, a local Mountain View, CA firm performed the installation.

St. Mark's congregants are thrilled that in addition to participating in the Sustain Island Home program as individual families they can make this additional impact. The Vestry supported this project even though the City of Palo Alto Utilities provides electricity from 100% renewable sources. St. Mark's is committed to reducing their carbon footprint and has invested their resources to accomplish this goal.