Supporting Transplant Camp

Posted on August 30, 2016

A reflection

The summer camp season at St. Dorothy’s Rest seemed to fly by this year. We welcomed over 300 campers, 7 chaplains, 7 volunteers, and 10 nurses and child-life specialists. We canoed, hiked, performed skits, sang songs, made s’mores, swam, camped out, danced, and much more!

We’d like to thank all those who supported St. Dorothy’s this summer to help make this a successful season! In particular, Christ Church, Portola Valley stands out. Every year our staff travels to Palo Alto to register our transplant campers and ride the bus back to St. Dorothy’s with them. For the first time we did registration at Christ Church, Portola Valley and their facilities and hospitality went above and beyond our expectations or hopes. They were eager to serve in whatever way they could. They set up tables, put out water, gave us use of their copy machine, opened up bathrooms, insisted on doing all of the clean-up when registration was done. They were cheerful, patient, and flexible. Thank you to the Rev. Beth and the volunteers for making that day so easy for us to come and go!

Currently Stanford is doing a blood drive and the proceeds go to support Transplant Camp. If you would like to give blood and support a good cause please follow this link for detailsThis video was made by Stanford with pictures and voices from camp.