Tree planting success at St. Dorothy’s Rest

Posted on January 18, 2017

The weekend of January 6 and 7, St. Dorothy’s hosted a tree planting event in partnership with Forested Unlimited. Together, with over 100 volunteers in the course of 2 days, close to 1,400 redwood saplings were planted in “St. Dorothy’s West.” This project is part of ongoing efforts to increase the health of their forest.



In the sun and rain, in chilly temperatures, the group trekked up to pre-designated areas to plant the saplings. With shovels, gloves, buckets, and pads to kneel on volunteers got their hands in the soil and, with great care, put the baby trees into the ground. They warmed up by the fire pits and with hot coffee. They ate deliciously hot lunches together and laid out soaking boots, socks and jackets in the Main House lobby and around the fire in the Main House living room.

The group’s efforts even made local news: “Rain doesn’t delay Sonoma County redwood planting.”

A HUGE THANK YOU to Forest Unlimited, all who braved the weather to come and volunteer, and to those who donated to support St. Dorothy’s programming and reforestation efforts. If you are interested in giving to St. Dorothy’s please follow this link for more information.