Update to Regathering Guidelines

Posted on September 17, 2020


We are pleased to announce that, in addition to outdoor, in-person worship, Bishop Marc has also authorized outdoor pastoral care and small group gatherings, such as Bible studies and youth groups. Before beginning these activities, you must ensure that you have: a) submitted a regathering plan* that includes outdoor worship; b) have had a conversation with one of our COVID-19 team members**; and c) have received an email indicating that they are approved to proceed. The same guidelines that apply to outdoor worship also apply to these gatherings. These include:

  • Maintaining a 6-foot distance, wearing masks, etc. The current diocesan worship gathering guidelines can be found here.
  • Continuing to monitor your county’s health department guidelines, as they are subject to change.
  • A note about air quality:  We suggest canceling outdoor worship and other gatherings when the Air Quality Index (AQI) is expected to exceed 100.

*The Template Plan for Regathering, as well as the Diocesan Regathering Plan, can be found here.

**If you have submitted a plan for outdoor gatherings but have not yet spoken with a team member, please email Abbott as soon as possible so we can begin the review.


As you are likely aware, several Bay Area counties are beginning to allow indoor, in-person worship gatherings. While we look forward to regathering inside our churches, we continue to take a cautious approach, and the loosening of our restrictions continues to lag several weeks to a month behind changes in county guidelines.

In the meantime, if you are considering resuming indoor worship soon, now is the time to make sure you have submitted that portion of your regathering plan to the diocese (if your previous plan only included outdoor worship, you must also submit and receive approval for your indoor worship plans before proceeding).  

*Click here for the Template Plan for Regathering. Plans should be sent to info@diocal.org.