Postulancy is a time of intentional formation and ongoing discernment for Holy Orders. 

Refer to the description of the application in the Guidelines for Those Seeking Holy Orders and preview the online form before beginning the application. You may save and resume your application. Click here. Also complete a personal financial statement. Click here.


Letters of recommendation, the recommendation of the Local Discernment Committee, the Clergy in Charge, and the Attestation of the Congregation are submitted here. Note that digital signatures are required of the LDC and Congregation. These can be individual image files (.pdf, .jpg, etc.) or the whole body may sign a blank sheet of paper, and the submitter can upload a single file on the body’s behalf. Click here.


Fitness for Ministry 

Once the Nominee’s Application is submitted, they will be prompted to begin canonically required evaluations to establish fitness for ordained ministry: a psychological evaluation, a medical evaluation, a background check, and a personal financial statement.


The application for postulancy is assessed by an interview with a representative of the Commission on Ministry (COM), an interview the Bishop, and the recommendation of the Commission on Ministry following vocations conference. Assessments and recommendations are submitted here.



After receiving the recommendation of the COM, the Bishop will issue a decision regarding the application for postulancy.


Education Plan 

If approved for postulancy, the postulant, in conversation with the COM or assessment committee, will also solidify an education plan and seek the Bishop’s approval for it. Traditionally a Masters of Divinity is sought for aspirants to the priesthood. For aspirants with an existing graduate degree in theology or a related discipline, ordination in another tradition, or substantive work as a chaplain or other lay religious professional, a Masters of Divinity may not be the most appropriate vehicle for formation and discernment. These aspirants will be asked to explore their background in conversation with a representative of the Commission on Ministry, the Vocations Officer and an advisor, and together devise an education plan.


*Access to this form is password protected. If the password is lost, please email for assistance.


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