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Director of Outreach and Family Ministries (Part-Time)
St. Clement’s
Accepting applications

In furtherance of St. Clement’s current Outreach efforts, we plan to hire a part-time Director of Outreach and Family Ministries to help our parish grow its active membership and develop a more diverse and inclusive church community.

We propose that the Director, after consultation and in collaboration with the Rector and Vestry liaisons, such as those responsible for Outreach, Membership, Communication and Children’s Ministries, develop strategies and a long-term plan for attracting and retaining new members for our Parish.   We hope to enlarge our community by increasing the number of families with children, as well as singles, college students, couples and seniors. Developing specific goals and implementing a method of monitoring progress towards their achievement initially will be an important part of the Director’s job.

The Director will be tasked with recruiting, training and supporting youth ministry volunteer leaders and, together with those leaders, develop age-appropriate curricula and materials for Sunday school programs and other events, perhaps including a faith-based summer church school/camp program.  The Director also will be expected to plan and coordinate – with the help of volunteers and church staff - an annual calendar of Parish social and educational events to be held at the church property and elsewhere designed to appeal to a variety of interest groups within our community.  These might include one or more speaker series, music activities, game and movie nights and theme-based dinners.

The Director will communicate regularly with parents, develop connections with youth outside regular meetings, and reach out to visitors, former members and friends of current members as well as to the rest of the Episcopal Diocese of California in an effort to foster community growth and participation.  If scheduling permits, the Director will attend and participate in appropriate staff meetings.             

Ideally, qualifications for this position would include the demonstrated ability to build community in a non-profit context, leadership skills, teaching experience – especially with younger children -  and the ability to envision, organize and hold hospitality events. It would be an advantage for the Director to be familiar with the teachings of the Episcopal Church and to have a desire to deepen his or her own spiritual life and inspire others to do the same by participation in St. Clement’s faith formation activities.

We hope for a two-year commitment from the Director, subject to an initial period of mutual familiarization and evaluation. If the efforts to grow the congregation have been successful, we anticipate extending the term of the job and expanding the scope of the position.  

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