Rooted Spirituality

For the history behind the Beloved Community vision, how these Beloved Community principles were formed, and the vitality practices to live into these priciples, visit The Beloved Community page.

Rooted spirituality is one that is deep and holds the truths of the Good News close even in the midst of life’s difficulties. This is done through vital education and renewal ministries, communities of Christian discipleship, and formation in the Episcopal tradition.

It may seem like a church library in Sunnyvale is a long way to go for the resources (books, audiovisuals, curriculum) that catalyze personal and parochial faith development, but thanks to state-of-the-art technology, it’s all as close as your browser. Our diocesan collaboration with the Episcopal Resource Center — located in the Diocese of El Camino Real and serving three dioceses — gives us all access to a 24/7 online catalog of carefully curated resources for learning the faith at all ages. It’s a lovingly-tended and beautifully-displayed collection that’s well worth a visit in person, but you are always welcome to request and return materials by mail as well. Take advantage of this excellent and free-to-you service at

In compassionate communities of 6–12 seekers led by a trained mentor, the Education for Ministry (EfM) program gives every Episcopalian a chance to both know and practice the richness of the Christian faith. A four-year program (requiring a commitment of only one year at a time), EfM students learn Holy Scripture, theology, church history, and — most significant of all — how to reflect on their lives from a Christian perspective, and live their faith commitments with integrity every day. The Diocese of California subscribes to the EfM program, allowing parish-based study groups to access discounts and local mentor training, and ensuring that a deep dive into our faith tradition is available to all. Find out more about EfM at

The Diocese of California supports three transformative summer camps in Sonoma country, where children and youth experience Christian community amidst God’s generous creation. Young people from all walks of life are welcome at St. Dorothy’s Rest, The Bishop’s Ranch, and Camp St. Francis, where they spend time playing, praying, telling stories, singing songs, hiking, and making memories. Time spent together in nature or around a campfire or whispering after lights out is time spent bonding, creating, trusting, and laughing and learning the grace of God. St. Dorothy’s Rest hosts two weeks of camp for children from hospitals around the region, giving them a chance to have a genuine camp experience and truly be a kid for a time. You can hear all about it at


Happening is the annual retreat led by and for Diocese of California high school students, and supported by diocesan Discipleship Ministries. There, youth are invited to share their stories, pray with each other, talk, talk, and talk some more. Over the course of the weekend they talk about the masks they wear, what it means to be authentic, what grace looks and feels like, who Jesus is, what their faith looks like, and how to live out that faith as they return to the ‘real world.’ Come Sunday afternoon, none of the youth are the same as they were when they arrived.  When they return home, they take with them a new connection to God, a new community of friends, and a deeper faith they carry with them for life. Read more about a recent Happening here: