Capital Campaigns

DioCal currently has a diocesan-wide capital campaign in progress, click on the logo or here for more information!


What is a Capital Campaign, and why would you run one in your congregation?

A capital campaign gives a congregation the opportunity to focus on a major project that will significantly enhance mission and ministry. Doing so involves serious discernment of congregation priorities and ministry objectives. Paid over a multi-year span, capital gifts can fund projects to build and endow programs and physical structures that enable a worshipping community to effectively do their work.

An initial feasibility and research stage will seek major commitments and largely determine the success of the subsequent public stage of the campaign. Generally, outside counsel is employed to guide the congregation in planning and implementing the capital campaign, and the diocese maintains a list of firms, individuals, and resources to help a congregation begin this important work.

Please contact Davey Gerhard, director of development, when your vestry or bishop’s committee is considering a capital campaign so that DioCal can assist you.