Denise Obando

Personal Information 1

Job Title: 
Transition Minister

A cradle Diocese of California Episcopalian, Denise has a lifetime of experiences in our diocese. An employee at DioHouse since October 2008, she has helped with over 80 rector/vicar searches. At the 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church in Salt Lake City in 2015, Denise was appointed to the Board for Transition Ministry.

Denise manages all aspects of clergy transitions throughout the Diocese, assuring that opportunities for transition are communicated, that policies and processes are understood and followed, and that desired outcomes for clergy and congregations are attained. Relationship building with lay leaders and clergy is an ongoing integral component of this work. She supports major diocesan events such as Diocesan Convention; is the Ordination Officer for the Diocese in compliance with the Office of the Recorder of Ordinations; monitors clerics and their duties as defined by Canons; and maintains clergy records, including database.