The Rev. Ellen Ekstrom

Ellen L. Ekstrom is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area and came to the Episcopal Church as an adult, being baptized and confirmed in 1996 and ordained to the sacred order of vocational deacons in 2002.  In seminary, she took honors in Christian Mythos (church history) and Christian Social Justice, which are two areas of ministry of special interest to her, in addition to Pastoral Care.  For three years, Ellen was a chaplain at Kaiser Foundation Hospital-Oakland, serving in the emergency departments, and at the North County Emergency Women’s Shelter.  The focus of Ellen’s ministry is now within the congregation, teaching and modeling service by action and word, inviting Christians to live out the Gospel by following the commandment to love and serve one another, and within the neighborhood of Good Shepherd, which has been her neighborhood for thirty years.  She is a member of Sojourners, a progressive evangelical organization that works for Social Justice, Bread for the World, which addresses hunger throughout the world, and the Episcopal Public Policy Network.

In addition to the ministry bestowed on her, Ellen enjoys writing – she is a published author – cycling, knitting, and finds delight in her three grown children, Celia, Carlos Raphael and Nicolas, her son-in-law, Zachary, and their interesting and diverse lives as artists and research scientist.