Tom Ferguson
Chief Financial and Operations Officer

Tom Ferguson is the chief financial and operations officer of the Diocese of California. Tom previously served as CFO and chief administrative officer at Futures Without Violence and GeneMachines, a life sciences instrumentation company. He has served on several non-profit boards and chaired the board of Compass Family Services. A native of Seattle, Tom and his wife Cherielyn live in the East Bay and have two grown children residing in New York City. Tom graduated from Columbia University and received a masters degree in English from the University of Washington before earning an MBA in finance at the Wharton School, and insists he is an English major trapped inside the body of a CFO.

Tom oversees the day-to-day activities of the Finance Group. He reports to and assists the bishop in financial planning for the diocese, represents the Finance Group to Executive Council and to its finance, program & budget, investment, audit, and personnel practices committees, and serves as the financial liaison between the diocese and its congregations and institutions. Tom also supervises the diocesan line of credit with Union Bank and the internal audit function, and shares responsibility with Jim Forsyth for insurance, facilities, and real estate matters. He also serves on the finance committee of St. Dorothy’s Rest. Tom invites congregations to contact him with any questions they feel he may be able to assist them with.

Contact Tom for
  • questions concerning the diocesan line of credit
  • proper completion of the parochial report
  • general questions about financial, insurance, and real estate issues